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Are you looking for sports injury treatment?

If you have recently suffered a sports injury or are experiencing back or leg pain, then you may wish to consider gait assessment.

gait assessment london

Gait is the way in which we use our limbs to move from one point to another – often by walking, but also by hopping, skipping and running.

Gait analysis is the method used to identify biomechanical abnormalities by assessing the way we walk or run.

Gait involves coordination between the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, which makes it essential that there are no abnormalities in muscle activation or joint motion.

What is gait analysis?

David Canevaro is an experienced and capable sports therapist and osteopath, meaning that he is able to perform gait analysis. He will observe your gait by asking you to walk and run both outside and indoors, taking into particular account the movement of your feet, ankles, hips and knees.

If David notes any imbalances, he will then carry out a full biomechanical assessment using Pilates machines. This gives us a better idea of your functional ability whilst moving through space.

If David notes any abnormalities from this, he will devise a personalised rehabilitation program to improve these dysfunctions. This may involve referral to a Podiatrist for a video analysis and the possible prescription of custom insoles.

The most advanced forms of gait analysis that we offer include three dimensional analysis using VICON.

What can gait analysis do for me?

We perform gait analysis so that we can evaluate your walking and running style and identify any abnormalities. Such is the interlinked nature of the musculoskeletal system that even a small abnormality can have a great effect on your gait, leading to decreased performance and injury.

Possible areas of impairment include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of joint range
  • Poor postural control
  • Incoordination

Gait analysis is frequently incorporated with biomechanical assessment. This ensures maximum understanding of how imbalances are affecting your walking and running cycle. By combining our understanding of your biomechanical profile and gait, we can often isolate the dysfunction and identify the exact cause of an injury.

If we do find an abnormality in your gait cycle, we will devise a highly personalised treatment plan, perhaps consisting of a change of footwear or a specific exercise programme, to ensure that it is corrected.

Gait assessment from David Canevaro

David Canevaro has extensive experience and expertise in gait assessment, which he provides to a broad client base, including athletes, office workers and dancers.

His clinics include several Docklands osteopathy clinics covering Limehouse and South Quays. He also presently has a south London osteopathy clinic in Brockley, as well as an osteopath and sports injury clinic opposite Spitalfields Market, which covers the City and east London and is easily reached from Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate.