Benefits of Sports Message to Prevent an Accute Sports Injury
Benefits of Sports Message to Prevent an Accute Sports Injury

Practical Advantages of Sports Message to Prevent an Accute Sports Injury

Are you an athlete who has suffered an injury?

Do you have any recurring injuries and would like to determine the exact cause?

Or are you a non-sportsman and have recently injured yourself after trying to rapidly build up your fitness?

The above are different types of sports injuries. Acute sports injuries, of which sprained ankles and cuts to the skin are good examples, occur as a result of an awkward movement or sudden impact. Chronic sports injuries, meanwhile, often happen as a result of bad technique or even, much more rarely, a structural abnormality such as an inherited muscle or bone problem. They develop over time, perhaps due to continued use of the same muscle groups or joints.

David is a recognized specialist in treatment for sports injuries in the United Kingdom. David has treated many athletes and dancers at the highest levels, and has a broad level of knowledge of soft tissue manipulation, trigger point release and sports injury rehabilitation. He ensures that the root cause is determined and the injury does not get worse. He is an experienced sports therapist who offers a range of sports injury treatments including sports massage, which he practiced for 9 years before qualifying as an osteopath. His massage helps you

  • Prevent injury
  • Improve training
  • Improve performance
  • Improve self-awareness

By improving blood flow through your tissues, sports massage allows you to recover faster from hard training and therefore train more safely and effectively. This makes sports massage just as valuable in promoting recovery from injury as it is in preventing sports injuries in the first place.

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