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Are you looking for a biomechanical assessment in Bromley? Here’s how it works and why it can be the key towards helping you enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The science of our movement is a complicated thing. When we walk or run we put all sorts of stresses and strains on our muscles and joints. These in turn can lead to problems and chronic pain. Understanding more about the way in which our body moves can go a long way towards putting problems right.

We do this through a biomechanical assessment. This involves looking at lower limb movement to understand how and why the body moves the way in which it does. We study the foot as well as the pelvis and entire lower body to look at the relationship between different functions. By making this assessment, we can identify problems, diagnose treatments and set you along a course of recovery.

Once we have made our diagnosis we can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. This might involve stretching exercises, special devices called orthoses which you wear on the inside of your shoe or other advice on footwear.

We can also combine it with osteopathy, Pilates, sports massage or acupuncture to address underlying problems, reduce pain and improve fitness levels.

Getting a biomechanical assessment in Bromley

Our team at David Canevaro Osteopathy and Pilates are trained in a range of techniques designed to help people use their body more effectively. By assessing underlying problems we can then apply a combination of different methods to improve joint movement and get you feeling more like your old self.

To find out more about our biomechanical assessments, don’t hesitate to get in touch