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Biomechanical Assessment Liverpool Street
Biomechanical Assessment Liverpool Street

Biomechanical Assessment Liverpool Street: Full Body Analysis at London Osteopathy Clinic

Biomechanical Assessment Liverpool Street London Osteopathy & Pilates

Do you suffer from non-specific pain? Aches can be caused by stretches, injuries, or a number of disorders. Differentiating between them is crucial, allowing your therapist to develop an appropriate treatment plan. At London Osteopathy Clinic, we carry out biomedical assessments that allow us to get a complete picture of how your body moves as a whole.

Our trained specialists perform biomedical assessments and full body analysis on all patients. We will study you from head to toe regardless of your doctor’s diagnosis or injury you’ve suffered. We seek to find not only the source of the pain, but also the cause.

This unique approach allows us to relieve your pain quickly and improve your overall health in the long-term. Contact our sports injury and osteopathy branch near Liverpool Street today.

Why Have a Biomechanical Assessment?

A biomechanical assessment can help you understand if your body works properly as a whole. This is important because a malfunction in one area of your body can affect another area in the long run. For instance, an untreated ankle strain can have a negative impact on your posture whilst walking, which can put a stress on your hip and lead to overuse. 

If you don’t treat the strain and correct your posture, you could develop arthritis in the hip in the long run – and this is just one example.

Finding any issues or inefficiencies early is also important because it is easier to prevent than treat, as it is easier to treat a problem when there is no pain or inflammation.

Having a biomechanical assessment can also be cheaper than paying for rehabilitation therapy. Indeed, spending 3-4 sessions to treat a small thing is way cheaper than months of rehabilitation if you address a doctor or osteopath too late.

Biomechanical Assessment at London Osteopathy Clinic

At London Osteopathy Clinic, our specialist podiatrists carry out biomechanical assessments to detect any structural misalignments and determine the balance between your body’s strength and flexibility. These checks put no strain on any region of your musculoskeletal system.

Depending on each patient’s individual circumstances, our trained osteopaths may combine the biomechanical assessment with gait analysis to assess your walking and sports habits and determine whether you’re using adequate footwear. 

Both methods allow our specialists to identify the source of pain and any undiagnosed malfunctions faster and with greater success than an X-ray or generalised medical investigation.

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Do you have any questions or want more information about our biomechanical assessment? Get in touch. Our friendly team will answer all your queries and help you book an appointment. Find us near Liverpool Street in London or contact one of our other branches here.

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