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Biomechanical assessment is the study of the mechanics of a living body, especially the lower limbs and feet. Biomechanics analyses the structure, function and alignment of the lower back, hips, thighs, legs, ankles and feet and the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.


If you are experiencing pain in your lower limbs or feet for no apparent reason, a biomechanical assessment in London by David Canevaro is the starting point. This will identify the cause of your problem and what treatment is necessary or further investigations needed.


Your feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 38 muscles and tendons and 214 ligaments. Even a slight misalignment of this complex anatomy can result in painful effects throughout your body. With such an intricate interlinked anatomical structure controlling how you move, walk and run, it only takes a tiny misalignment or minuscule malfunction of one or more of its components for the remainder of your musculoskeletal system to compensate in painful response. Such conditions can often be traced to faulty foot biomechanics placing too much stress on the heel bone or the arch of the foot.


Are you suffering from a sports injury or persistent leg or back pain? Do you have recurring strains or sprains? Do you suspect that your pain might be caused by poor alignment of your feet and leg bone, ligament and muscle structure?


If “yes” to any of these, then you need a biomechanical assessment in the London clinic to identify, treat and prevent further suffering. By having such an assessment and early professional treatment, you can avoid injuries that would otherwise put you out of action for a considerable length time. Many of David’s clients opt for a professional examination that allows for all aspects of any biomechanical abnormality to be identified and treated.

How An Assessment from Our Foot & podiatrist specialist London Can Help You?

When conducted by a professionally qualified osteopath such as David, a biomechanical assessment in London determines whether you have a good balance between strength and flexibility and that there is no structural misalignment of your lower limbs. This checks that no adverse strain is put on any other region of your musculoskeletal system.


David uses Clinical Pilates machines to perform biomechanical assessments combined with gait analysis and assesses your footwear and walking or sports habits. This usually enables identification of the cause of your foot-related injury or source of pain with greater success than alternatives such as X-rays or a generalised medical investigation. After diagnosis, David will devise a personalised treatment plan designed to ensure that the foot and leg system returns to a more normal, symmetrical function.

Biomechanical Assessments by David Canevaro

David is a registered osteopath, rehabilitation Pilates instructor and sports therapist. His osteopathy clinics are in Central London and Beckenham.

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