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Acute lower back pain

Acute immobilising lower back pain
Approximately 80% of people between the ages of 20 and 60 will suffer at least one episode of acute lower back pain. In most cases there is little to worry about as no serious cause is behind this. A session of osteopathic treatment will normally speed patients back to normal movementa and function. In a small number of cases the underlying cause of the back pain is serious and a referral may be necessary for injections or surgery.

Causes of lower back pain:
Can be set-off by almost any bending movement such as picking up a dropped pen, turning to reach something, or the jolt from missing a step

The root cause is typically a mix between weakness and stiffness usually combined with an underlying disc instability which is inadvertently triggered by an unexpected event
Pain and lack of mobility is caused by muscle spasm which are part of your body’s defence mechanism
An ice-pack may help at the acute stage
Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers will probably be prescribed by your GP.
Once the spasm begins to ease, osteopathic massage and manipulation will typically be very helpful in restoring mobility and reducing pain more quickly than the bed-rest often recommended by GPs
The exercise programmes your Osteopath recommends are important to ensuring that the underlying instability which caused the problem is addressed and the injury does not recur.

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