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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease is one of the most common origins of low back pain. The discs are fibrous shock absorbers between the vertebrae of the human back. Degenerative Disc Disease is in point of fact a natural element of the ageing process, however some people’s discs age quicker than others, and some unfortunate people build up soreness with the condition. Degenerative Disc Disease can be treated and managed and all patients should be urged to exercise the back to give it vigour and steadily diminish the requirement for pain killers and other drug-based pain relief.
Many patients believe that Degenerative Disc Disease will persist and that the pain will exacerbate with time however the reality is that symptoms from Degenerative Disc Disease do not inevitably worsen and from time to time the symptoms can get better with the march of time. First-class back care and awareness is vital; as is contact with a well-trained and experienced Osteopath.

Surgery or spinal injections can also be considered for patients with severe Degenerative Disc Disease however this course of action is merely considered as a last alternative.
Degenerative Disc Disease may be helped by:
• Osteopathic treatments.
• Exercising.
• Pain medication.
• Weight loss (if the patient is overweight to start with).
• An improved overall posture.

If you suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease then you should contact us. Our clinics are based in East London at Spitalfields, Canary Wharf & in Brockley and are easily reached by train and public transport from within London and the Home Counties.

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