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The Possible Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain


If that dull ache in your neck or shoulder is becoming a persistent pain, it could be due to your lifestyle. You may be spending long periods in front of the computer or operating a machine, staying in one position too long. Pain and stiffness in the neck or shoulders prevents a full range of movement and is particularly common for women and middle-aged people.

Neck pain is commonly caused by wear and tear of the bones and joints in the neck but you may wake up suddenly one morning and find your neck twisted to one side and stuck in that position. This is acute torticollis caused by an injury to the neck muscles. While the exact cause is not known. It is thought to be bad posture, sleeping with a different pillow or carrying heavy unbalanced loads such as a heavy bag under one arm.

Neck pain or stiffness is also caused by a muscle spasm that causes a sudden “locking” of the neck, indicating an underlying neck problem such as a chronic condition or injury. This could occur as a result of violently sneezing, spending too long lying down in one position or making an unusual movement that involves the head or neck muscles.

Another cause of neck pain or stiffness is whiplash, which is typically suffered when the body is thrown in a forceful and sudden jerk, such as in a car accident. This stretches and strains the “soft tissue” in the spinal cord.

Do you spend long periods of time in front of the computer or operating machinery, and have recently started experiencing pain in your shoulder? Pain and stiffness in the neck or shoulders prevents a full range of movement and is particularly common for women and the middle-aged, affecting around 5% of people.

David Canevaro, Registered Osteopath, offers various techniques for shoulder pain that often focus not just on the shoulder, but also on the ribcage and spine. When you consult him, he will diagnose the underlying problem before recommending a personalised treatment plan. If necessary you will be referred to a medical specialist. David provides gentle osteopathic treatment for neck pain or stiffness, which is recommended if you suffer from regular bouts of stiffness or if movement remains restricted.

David Canevaro, qualified, registered and experienced London osteopath skilled in the application of osteopathic techniques, Pilates rehabilitation, “western” acupuncture, and sports massage therapy to control, manage and even eliminate your aches and pains. Phone David to find out how little it will cost to get rid of the pain: 079 0415 3486

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