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Central London Osteopathy from David Canevaro

Welcome back! I love new visitors just as much as I love the regulars – whether you’re new or not it doesn’t matter, just have a read and see if my Central London Osteopathy services can help you (or a friend) or not.

Central London Osteopathy

If you haven’t had the chance to scroll down and read all of my other blogs, do so now! If you’re too stubborn/lazy to do so, I don’t blame you, however, it means that I’ll need to repeat myself to a few of the regular visitors (apologies). My Central London osteopathy services are for absolutely anyone with an ongoing muscle ache or strain, or perhaps a one-off injury.

As you would expect, I’m a qualified London Osteopath instructor and have the certificates to prove it (ask me for evidence!). There’s nothing worse than being treated by an ‘instructor’ with no experience, training and qualifications.

What problems do my clients have?

On a daily basis my Central London osteopathy services treat problems such as, but not limited to; joint pain, back pain, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, problem periods, arthritis, headaches, mobility problems and many, many different sports injuries – these are just a few, give me a call and I can guarantee the problem that you’re facing is something that I’ve dealt with in the past.

For more information on my Central London Osteopathy services give me, David Canevaro, a call on 020 7127 8771 or click on the Contact link to send an email – I’ll email back ASAP.


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