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Benefits of Choosing a local Pilates in Liverpool Street

If you’re thinking of taking up Pilates, there are many factors to look for when you’re thinking of which studio or gym to go with. Experience, quality of service and cost to name a few.

One often overlooked factor, however, is the proximity to your home or workplace!

In over the 7 years of providing treatments to clients, if there’s one pattern I have noticed with those clients who have been regular in their Pilates session compared to those who aren’t is that they live locally.

Of course, it all starts with your inner commitment. No matter how close your Pilates studio is to you, without commitment and your drive to live a healthy live, chance are, you aren’t going to continue. However, if you know you want to, ensuring that your studio (or gym) is as close to you as possible, can help you succeed in this area.

If you’re interested to learn more about our locations, please see Beckenham, Central London or Brockley.

David Canevaro, qualified, registered and experienced London osteopath skilled in the application of osteopathic techniques, Pilates rehabilitation, “western” acupuncture, and sports massage therapy to control, manage and even eliminate your aches and pains. Phone David to find out how little it will cost to get rid of the pain: 079 0415 3486

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