David Canevaro

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Whether you have neck pain, anterior hip pain or an overuse cycling injury, we can help you. We offer Clinical Pilates services, which are ideal for helping to strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your body. Clinical Pilates is to basically a modified type of Pilates work, by integrating osteopathic rehabilitative skills and pilates training. One area where Clinical Pilates differs from other forms of exercise is the way in which faulty movement pattern can be assessed by the osteopath and a rehabilitation program created. Osteopathy London is a specialist clinic in this field. Whether you have a hip injury, lower back pain or an swimming overuse injury, we can help in their management. Our Pilates service is really helpful in facilitating the stability of muscles by being a movement pattern that trains muscles to support movement.

Our services are offered by trained osteopath David who specializes in rehabilitative Pilates. His programme incorporates the work of stabilisation training, neural mobilisation, load effects on pathology and injuries, injury provocation as well as spinal and peripheral biomechanics. David also work as a clinic tutor at some of the best Osteopathic universities in UK, and is a specialist in treating sport injuries.

David Canevaro, qualified, registered and experienced London osteopath skilled in the application of osteopathic techniques, Pilates rehabilitation, “western” acupuncture, and sports massage therapy to control, manage and even eliminate your aches and pains. Phone David to find out how little it will cost to get rid of the pain: 079 0415 3486

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