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Best Ways to Improve Muscular Discomfort Treatments
Best Ways to Improve Muscular Discomfort Treatments

Effective Ways to Improve Muscular Discomfort Treatments

Muscular Discomfort Treatments

Muscular discomfort occurs for many reasons―using your muscles too much or not using them enough!

The most common causes of muscle pain are tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries. The pain is usually localised, affecting just one or more muscles or parts of the body. Muscle pain that is felt throughout the body, is different; it’s more likely to be a side effect of medication or the result of an infection or illness or.

You may be suffering occupational strain as a result of having to lift awkward or heavy weights. Women often experience muscular pain from lifting babies and children. On the other hand, you may have spent too much time in poor seating, or have been involved in a car accident that has caused directional stress in addition to whiplash strain on your ligaments and muscles.

Whatever the cause, you may find that muscular discomfort doesn’t happen suddenly but develops over a prolonged period of time.

David Canevaro, registered osteopath has a specialist expertise in treating muscular discomfort and pain. Make an appointment to see him and he will examine and assess the mechanics of your whole body, and then advise a range of manipulative techniques to relieve your pain and muscular discomfort.

David has a broad range of patients, from amateur and professional athletes, sedentary workers to pregnant women. If you are suffering from muscular discomfort and pain make an appointment today at the Central London or Beckenham clinics and find out how he can help you.

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