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Efficacious Treatment to Reduce Stress Manifests
Efficacious Treatment to Reduce Stress Manifests

Efficacious Treatment to Reduce Stress Manifests

Efficacious Treatment to Reduce Stress Manifests London Osteopathy & Pilates

Stress is a normal physical response to situations and events that make you feel threatened or disturb your balance. Imagined or real danger, when sensed, triggers the body’s defence mechanism to react; an automatic stress response known as the fight-or-flight-or-freeze reaction. This is the body’s way of protecting itself. It helps you to stay alert and focused and in extreme situations can save your life.

When you are threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These prepare the body for emergency action. Your heart beats faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens and your whole being becomes sharper so that these changes increase your strength and stamina and reaction time preparing you to fight or flee

In moderation, stress is a useful part of life; it motivates us, increases our productivity and improves our performance. But, if subjected to too much stress such as prolonged pressure our physical and mental health can suffer. You may experience stress in the form of muscular tension at the base of the neck, head and jaw. This irritates nerves and upsets the flow of blood to the brain, leading to headaches and making you feel generally ‘out of sorts’. If you work in an office under pressure, under tight deadlines and frequently experience symptoms such as muscle stiffness, back pain and headaches, you should get in touch with David Canevaro as soon as possible!

David is an experienced and Registered Osteopath practising in his Central London and Beckenham clinics, who uses a range of gentle osteopathic techniques to help you relieve and manage both short-term and chronic stress. Stress manifests itself through the nervous system, and it is vital that this system is healthy and functions well, because it controls all of the body’s functions. If your nerves are not healthy, short-term and long-term maladies can develop.

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