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Expert Guidance to Reduce Pre & Post Natal Back Pain
Expert Guidance to Reduce Pre & Post Natal Back Pain

Professional Guidance to Reduce Pre and Post Natal Back Pain

Reduce Pre & Post Natal Back Pain

David Canevaro, Registered Osteopath, is very experienced in treating pre-natal and post-natal back pains. David provides healthcare that goes beyond mere pain relief, and promotes the health of you and your child. He is highly skilled and experienced in teaching Pilates, which can substantially reduce the pains experienced by pregnant women by improving their strength, flexibility and posture.

You and your baby’s safety are his primary concern; he and his osteopath colleagues will work gently to make it easier for your body to accommodate and adjust to the demands of the pregnancy. Ensure the best healthy environment for your baby in preparation for a safe and trouble-free birth by contacting David as soon as you are able..

Once you have given birth, baby’s demands may take so much of your time that you need help to reduce any post-natal pains. David can help with your recuperation.

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