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Gait Analysis in London
Gait Analysis in London

The Most Accurate Gait Analysis in London

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Gait assessment is appraising the way we use our limbs when moving―walking, running, skipping, jumping, marching, jogging or meandering. Gait involves coordination between the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, in which it is essential that there are no abnormalities in muscle activation or joint motion. Gait analysis London is undertaken by qualified osteopaths to assess the way the whole body moves to identify any biomechanical abnormalities.


If you are suffering from a sports injury or experiencing back or leg pain, then you may wish to consider gait assessment.

Professional Gait Assessment in London

David Canevaro is an osteopath and highly skilled and experienced sports therapist, the result of many years’ observations, analyses and treatments. He performs gait analysis in London by recording the movements of your feet, ankles, hips and knees to determine if any imbalances occur during your walking and running cycle. He then carries out a full biomechanical assessment using Pilates machines, which provide a record of your functional ability during your gait.


By combining a clinical analysis of your biomechanical profile and gait, dysfunctions can often be pinpointed, and the exact cause of impairment or injury identified. If David deduces any abnormalities from his evaluation, he prepares a personalised rehabilitation program to address and improve these functional disturbances. This may be simply a change of footwear or a course of personalised treatment of specific exercises to correct the impairment.


For some, it may involve referral to a Podiatrist for video analysis and the possible prescription of custom insoles, or further biomechanical analysis at our specialist clinic using the latest Vicon 3-D motion clinical analysis machine. This is a powerful tool in the evaluation of dysfunctional movement in orthopaedic and neurologic populations. A typical assessment is tracking a healthy adult while walking and jogging at three different velocities on a treadmill; concurrent hip and knee peak flexion and extension and stride timing measurements are taken.

What can gait assesmnmet in London do for you?

Gait analysis can evaluate your walking and running style and identify any abnormalities. Such is the interlinked nature of the musculoskeletal system even the slightest variation from normal function can have a great effect on your gait, which an assessment in can be detected. David’s recommended course of treatment leads to increased performance and lower incidence of injury.

Possible impairment conditions that can be corrected

  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of joint range
  • Poor postural control
  • Incoordination
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