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If you’re looking for osteopathy services in Hither Green, give our team a call today. With clinics located across London we offer the benefit of a convenient location and a service which is second to none. 

Osteopathy is the advanced system of diagnosis and treatment mainly focuses on the structural integrity in our body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for a peaceful life. When our bodies are aligned correctly, the system working within will be more efficient, allowing minimum wear and stress. Whether you are suffering from muscle pain, neck pain, joint pain, or any injury pain, then give us a call. Our service is fully registered and offers a high-quality service based around you and your needs. 

Need for Osteopathy In Hither Green:

Our team uses a range of techniques including body massage, pressure and manipulation to alleviate pain and produce a range of other benefits. 

These include recognised health benefits such as:

  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Alleviating lower back pain
  • Improved posture 
  • Eliminating chronic pain and discomfort 
  • Rehabilitation from sports injuries. 

However, osteopathy also offers a range of additional benefits you might not already be aware of. These include: 

  • Better sleep patterns
  • Reduced stress
  • Lower levels of anxiety 
  • Relaxation 

It has also been linked to improved immune systems and circulation as well as conditions such as arthritis. In essence, osteopathy is the process of unlocking your body’s own natural healing processes in a non invasive way which promotes health and wellbeing. 

Why Choose Our London Osteopath service?

With locations in Beckenham, Old Street and Holborn, we offer a convenient service for anyone looking for osteopathy in Hither Green. Our flexible service is fast, flexible and effective and can get you back on your feet in no time at all. 

Our services can be both curative and preventative. As well as aiding rehabilitation from sports injuries, we can also significantly reduce the risks of new problems occurring. 

On your first appointment, you will be diagnosed and a course of treatment recommended.

Our Osteopath will explain about the cause of your symptoms and then proceed to your first treatment. With the close guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable osteopath and Pilates instructors, you will receive a truly bespoke treatment plan which gets you back on your feet in no time at all.

David Canevaro Bsc (Hons) Osteopathy:

David Canevaro is one of the leading osteopaths in London, having more than 25 years of practice and experience in the Osteopathy and Pilates. David is also registered with General Osteopathic Council and has been trained as the Pilates instructor in Polestar Pilates as well as the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute. David approaches the fusion of osteopathy and Pilates as “osteopilates.” 

So, if you’re looking for an osteopath in Hither Green, give our team a call. We’ll be happy to help you schedule an appointment.