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Osteopathy for Asthma
Osteopathy for Asthma


Osteopathy for Asthma

Asthma is a relatively common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties, commonly known as an asthma attack. Attacks can be triggered by an allergen such as dust or animal fur or when particles such as fumes or cold air cause irritation. These irritants can cause a reaction which leads to narrowing of the airways through inflammation or spasms of the smooth muscles. During an attack, symptoms range from difficulty in breathing, a tight wheezy chest or coughing. 

The NHS website states that complementary therapies, including manual therapies, may be of benefit in the management of asthma when used alongside other treatments prescribed by your doctor, such as inhalers. There is not currently a cure for asthma however with advice and treatment at one of the London Osteopath clinics you will be better equipped to control your symptoms and lead an active life.

Osteopathy Treatment for Asthma

Relating back to the fundamental principles of osteopathy, your assigned clinician will work to align the functions and maximise the mechanics of the breathing process. This will be achieved through working to reduce high muscle tone in the torso and rib cage and identifying misalignments that may be compromising normal breathing movements. Dealing with these concerns with allow the lungs to utilise their full capacity, therefore improving respiratory function. Gentle stretching or massage of the soft tissues surrounding the rib cage can work to release tensions and prevent shortening of muscles which could inhibit posture and ultimately breathing. 

Following on from physical sessions your osteopath will provide professional advice on posture, diet and most importantly breathing exercises. By building a great understanding of how each muscle, including the diaphragm, plays a pivotal role in the mechanisms of breathing you will be better equipped to follow and understand breathing exercises to efficiently facilitate greater rib expansion and diaphragm use. 

Specialist osteopathy treatment is available at any of three London based clinics, including the central London, Beckenham or Holborn sites. Although osteopathy offers a musculoskeletal view on the treatment of asthma which is not address by medication, your osteopath is not able to advise or prescribed medications and advice should be sought from your GP in regards to any pharmaceutical needs. 

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