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Osteopathy for Headaches
Osteopathy for Headaches


Osteopathy for Headaches

Headaches are an extremely common condition affecting the majority of the adult population at some point in their lives. Different types of headaches include tension, migraines and cluster headaches, they may be sporadic in occurrence or could be chronic, affecting the sufferer on a daily basis. It is important to seek help from your GP to ensure the cause is not serious however the majority of cases are not a cause for concern and can be well managed through a range of treatments. 

After receiving a diagnosis from your GP, one of the professionals based at our three London Osteopathy clinics can offer appropriate treatment options. According to The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), tension-type headaches may benefit from a course of 10 sessions of acupuncture over a 5 to 8 week period. These sessions are available in either the central London, Beckenham or Holborn clinics. The sessions are pain-free and provide the ability to target deeper tissue layers to achieve a reduction in pain. Information on the NHS website suggests that acupuncture may potentially play a role in the reduction in the frequency of headaches and may assist in preventing the onset of migraines. 

Osteopathy Treatment for Headaches

Osteopathy is based on the fundamental principles that your holistic wellbeing is linked to the bones, ligaments, muscles and joints. Depending on the cause of your headaches your osteopath may also be able to offer you a course of treatments to relieve tensions and tightness through the body that may be contributing to your headaches. Reducing trigger points, mobilising stiff neck or spinal joints. Sports massage may also be able to offer an effective way to manage some types of headaches. Following a full and thorough professional assessment at one of the London Osteopathy clinics, your personal clinician will be able to best advise you on a suitable course of treatment. 

For maximal impact, a combination of acupuncture, osteopathy sessions and sports massage may effectively reduce the severity and occurrence of headaches. As with all osteopathy treatment, your clinician will offer friendly advice on postural, lifestyle and exercise changes that can lead to a better quality of life. 

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