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Osteopathy for Mobility
Osteopathy for Mobility

Mobility Problems

Osteopathy for Mobility London Osteopathy & Pilates

A loss or reduction in mobility is generally a condition associated with the elderly population, it can however affect people post-surgery or may be down to an injury, impaired strength or balance or could be a condition from birth. 

Taking the steps necessary to see an osteopath will help to equip you with the knowledge and information necessary to potentially restore or improve your normal mobility and function. The goals of treatment may include some of the below options. 

  • Improve joint stiffness. This can be done in several ways, gentle stretches, guided by your osteopath can be held for longer periods will help to lengthen and maintain tissue elasticity. These stretches shouldn’t be painful but with time, they can help to loosen up tight joints. With guidance and advice from your osteopath, a return to normal activities and functions will see a natural improvement in joint range of movement.

  • Reduce muscle or joint spasms and pain. Both exercise and sports massage are effective ways that could have a positive impact on muscle spasms caused by injury or on general pain levels.
  • Strengthen muscles. After identifying weak groups of muscles, a tailor-made exercise program can assist you to build up the strength required to improve mobility and restore symmetrical balance across the body systems.
  • Increase the circulation of blood and synovial fluid to allow for the optimal functioning of the joint. This can be achieved through a combination of joint manipulation, massage and exercising, again your osteopath will guide you on the most appropriate treatment methods.

  • If suitable your osteopath may encourage you to participate in the gentle Pilates classes which are available in the London Osteopathy clinics in Holborn, central London or Beckenham. Taking into account your abilities and goals the Pilates classes can help to build up a good foundation of flexibility and strength with a focus on core stability to promote balance. The exercises will demonstrate the correct movement patterns which, when done correctly may help to alleviate symptoms associated with mobility problems. The classes are as much about education as they are about exercise which will allow you to learn and understand correct movement and mobility and the impact these positive actions can have on your issues. 

As part of the osteopathy and pilates sessions at the London Osteopathy clinic, you will be provided with friendly advice, in regards to home exercises, postural support and general ways to keep fit and healthy to improve your quality of life.

Osteopathy for Arthritis

The goal of osteopathy treatment in relation to arthritis is to reduce any imbalances that may be contributing to the condition. Following a thorough assessment at one of the three London Osteopathy clinics, your treatment will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This may include a variety of gentle movements, stretching, massage and manipulation of the affected joints.

These techniques aim to relieve muscle tension and pain whilst working to improve joint flexibility. Work may be done on surrounding joints to take the stress and strain off the affected area, ensuring that loading of the joints through activities such as walking is as equal as possible. 

The increased blood and lymph supply to the treated area can optimise healing to the joint and surrounding tissues, following several session you may notice a reduction in pain and an overall improvement of function in your everyday activities. With the reduction in symptoms, many patients can increase general fitness through activity and lifestyle changes which can further improve health and therefore breaking the cycle of inactivity and pain avoidance. 

Your osteopath will be able to provide home exercises and positive, friendly advice in regards to posture, balance and nutrition to enable you to self manage your condition confidently and effectively. 

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