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Osteopathy for Muscle Weakness
Osteopathy for Muscle Weakness

Muscle Weakness

Osteopathy for Muscle Weakness London Osteopathy & Pilates

The causes of muscle weakness may be down to several different factors ranging from a recent illness or injury, a sedentary lifestyle, or a variety of diseases or infections. Even having a strong dominant side can lead to muscle weaknesses on the lesser-used side of the body. Muscle weakness can begin to interfere with your normal everyday activities and can gradually worsen if not checked out and treated accordingly. Your GP will be able to rule out any serious causes for concerns and your osteopath can provide the right treatment protocol to address the causes. 

An osteopath is able to detect, treat and prevent further muscle weaknesses and associated health problems by focusing on stretching, strengthening and massage of the affected muscles, joints and surrounding tissues. Sessions are based on the principle that the total holistic wellbeing depends on the harmonious functioning of bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. A personal exercise program will be introduced to slowly but progressively build up muscle strength in the affected muscle groups. Regular sports massages, also on offer at the London Osteopathy clinic can reduce muscle pain following exercise and enable quicker muscle recovery. 

In addition to osteopathy sessions, the London Osteopathy clinic is able to offer Pilates; an effective means of building up strength without compromising on alignment or causing further injury. The NHS website states that Pilates has multiple health benefits and can be used to develop whole-body strength and flexibility which will in turn reduce the risk of injury or further problems down the line. Pilates aims to strengthen the whole body in an evenly balanced way with an emphasis placed on core stability. The London Osteopathy clinic has three bases that offer Pilates classes, a site in central London, one in Holborn and one in Beckenham. Just about suitable for people of all ages and abilities pilates is a fun and relaxing way to start to improve muscle weakness. 

Osteopathy Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

According to the NHS website, one of the most effective treatments for a frozen shoulder is stretching and strengthening exercises as well as postural advice. Osteopathy would be an ideal complementary therapy to have alongside any NHS treatment you may already be receiving. An osteopath is able to guide you through gentle exercises and stretches to help to release the painful and stiff shoulder muscles. Soft tissue massage and gentle articulation of the shoulder and surrounding tissues can help to relieve tensions and may help to maintain muscle length.

In some cases, gentle exercise classes such as Pilates can help to improve joint mobility, with a focus on strengthening muscles to support the shoulder during recovery from the condition. The London osteopath clinics are able to offer Pilates classes in central London, Beckenham and Holborn locations so easily accessible to London clients. 

Gentle stretching and strengthening through a combination of osteopathy and Pilates at the London Osteopathy clinic may help to improve your overall function, enabling you to continue with your normal lifestyle until the symptoms of a frozen shoulder eventually subside. The advice, treatment, support and guidance your professional osteopath can offer you could help to ease the pain and stiffness felt during this time. 

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