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Osteopathy for Natal Back Pain
Osteopathy for Natal Back Pain

Pre and Post Natal Back Pain

Osteopathy for Hips

During and after pregnancy the human body goes under enormous stress and strains. In continual succession, the body experiences great changes in hormone levels, major alterations in biomechanics and demanding psychosocial stresses. Alterations in the pelvic anatomy of females during pregnancy are one of the leading causes of lower back as the centre of gravity changes with the growth of the baby, the spine is pulled into undesirable, positions placing undue stress on the spine and supporting structures. Hormones are released which causes ligaments of the pelvis to relax, in preparation for childbirth, therefore losing some element of stability. Nerve pathways running through the pelvis can become pinched or compressed during pregnancy which can further exaggerate symptoms. Pregnancy is a time when osteopathic treatment may prove a valuable option for women to guide them through the changes experienced in pregnancy and following recovery from the birth.

The fundamental principles of osteopathy embrace an approach to holistic wellbeing through knowledge of the relationship between structures and function of the human body. When applied to pre and postnatal back pain, osteopathy can offer a global approach to the complex issues that may be leading to the pain. 

Following a full assessment, your osteopath at the London Osteopathy clinic will offer several recommendations to alleviate your symptoms. Postural advice and training which is central to the treatment of back pain in pregnancy will be provided. Tensions and restrictions in the body that may have been present prior to pregnancy will be identified and addressed and a suitable exercise program will be created to safely stretch and strengthen the necessary muscle groups. Massage, manipulation and articulation of the pelvis and surrounding structures may help to resolve or lessen the back pain. The London Osteopathy clinic can also offer access to Pilates classes which have a focus on correcting postural issues and developing core stability. 

By combining these treatments the balance of your body should be restored, which can help your body to adapt to the normal physiological changes of pregnancy. The London Osteopathy clinics have three conveniently located bases across London, including at Holborn, Beckenham and central London. 

Osteopathy for Arthritis

The goal of osteopathy treatment in relation to arthritis is to reduce any imbalances that may be contributing to the condition. Following a thorough assessment at one of the three London Osteopathy clinics, your treatment will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This may include a variety of gentle movements, stretching, massage and manipulation of the affected joints.

These techniques aim to relieve muscle tension and pain whilst working to improve joint flexibility. Work may be done on surrounding joints to take the stress and strain off the affected area, ensuring that loading of the joints through activities such as walking is as equal as possible. 

The increased blood and lymph supply to the treated area can optimise healing to the joint and surrounding tissues, following several session you may notice a reduction in pain and an overall improvement of function in your everyday activities. With the reduction in symptoms, many patients can increase general fitness through activity and lifestyle changes which can further improve health and therefore breaking the cycle of inactivity and pain avoidance. 

Your osteopath will be able to provide home exercises and positive, friendly advice in regards to posture, balance and nutrition to enable you to self manage your condition confidently and effectively. 

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