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Osteopathy for Repetitive Strain Injury
Osteopathy for Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury

Osteopathy for Repetitive Strain Injury London Osteopathy & Pilates

Repetitive strain injury has increased in prevalence in recent years. The rise of computer-based jobs is a leading cause, however, any activity that requires repetitive movements over a long period of time can lead to the condition (musicians, gardeners, factory workers and sportspeople are all at high risk). The overuse of a muscle during repetitive activities can lead to inflammation, pain, fatigue, tingling or numbness usually affected the hands, forearms and wrists. If left untreated symptoms can worsen to the point that carrying out the repetitive action becomes impossible.

An osteopath is well placed to offer relief from symptoms. Gentle soft tissue stretches, joint mobilisation and precise exercise rehabilitation are key factors in the initial treatment of a repetitive strain injury. Your osteopath at the London Osteopathy clinic will not only treat the site of injury but will also look further up the chain. For example, if your repetitive strain is occurring at the wrist, your elbow, shoulder and neck will be thoroughly examined to ensure all joints are working in tandem. 

If appropriate your osteopath may recommend massage to relax the muscles and encourage drainage of toxins at the injury site, massage can also help to improve circulation, bringing vital blood supply to the area to optimise and speed up recovery. You will be provided with individual advice to self-manage your condition, this may consist of home exercises, diet, lifestyle choices as well as an evaluation of posture and ergonomic arrangements at home or the workplace, which can further minimise the chance of symptoms reoccurring.

The London Osteopathy clinic is also able to offer a course of acupuncture if found to be an appropriate treatment of your symptoms. The potential benefits of this complementary treatment are well documented; concerning repetitive strain injury, the physiology of treatment is similar to that of massage, it works to increase circulation to encourage and speed up recovery times. An added benefit of acupuncture is the stimulation of sensory nerves, once the small acupuncture needles are inserted, this results in the body producing pain-relieving endorphins to reduce pain levels, paving the way for a return to normal function. 

The London Osteopathy clinic has three convenient bases across London, including central London, Beckenham and Holborn. Each site offers a range of up to date equipment to enable you to reach your goals and aid your recovery from repetitive strain injuries.

Osteopathy for Arthritis

The goal of osteopathy treatment in relation to arthritis is to reduce any imbalances that may be contributing to the condition. Following a thorough assessment at one of the three London Osteopathy clinics, your treatment will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This may include a variety of gentle movements, stretching, massage and manipulation of the affected joints.

These techniques aim to relieve muscle tension and pain whilst working to improve joint flexibility. Work may be done on surrounding joints to take the stress and strain off the affected area, ensuring that loading of the joints through activities such as walking is as equal as possible. 

The increased blood and lymph supply to the treated area can optimise healing to the joint and surrounding tissues, following several session you may notice a reduction in pain and an overall improvement of function in your everyday activities. With the reduction in symptoms, many patients can increase general fitness through activity and lifestyle changes which can further improve health and therefore breaking the cycle of inactivity and pain avoidance. 

Your osteopath will be able to provide home exercises and positive, friendly advice in regards to posture, balance and nutrition to enable you to self manage your condition confidently and effectively. 

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