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Osteopathy for Sciatica
Osteopathy for Sciatica


Osteopathy for Sciatica London Osteopathy & Pilates

Sciatica is when the sciatic nerve, that runs down from your hips to your feet becomes irritated. Symptoms are varied but they can include, pain, tingling, numbness and weakness occurring in the backs of your legs, bottom or feet and toes. Sciatica can get better on its own, usually running its course after 4 to 6 weeks however ignoring the symptoms can lead to long term problems or a longer recovery time. As with any kind of constant numbness and tingling, you should first seek advice from your GP to rule out any causes for concerns. With a proper diagnosis, your osteopath at the London Osteopathy clinic can provide you with useful treatment and advice to empower you to manage your condition without missing out on your normal social, work or family commitments. 

Your osteopath will be able to offer you a full and thorough assessment of your condition this may include an assessment of you neurological system using standard clinical tests such as reflexes, testing if you are able to feel touch normally and equally on both sides of your body and whether your muscles are as strong as expected. 

The NHS website reports that manual therapies can be used in the treatment of sciatica, complementary input from an osteopath at the London Osteopath clinic will depend on your personal situation however hands-on treatment usually involves a combination of soft tissue massage, strengthening of muscles and improving flexibility through gentle stretches and joint manipulation. The combination of these treatments can have a profound effect on pain and symptoms caused by sciatica.   

In some cases, sciatica can come back, to prevent this from happening your osteopath will take a comprehensive history of your lifestyle and daily activities. Using this information appropriate advice will be supplied to reduce the chances of it returning. This will include safe exercises, postural, diet and lifestyle changes. You will be shown safe lifting technics and optimal postures for different activities. Specialist treatment plans are available at three clinics across London including Holborn, Beckenham and in central London. 

Osteopathy for Arthritis

The goal of osteopathy treatment in relation to arthritis is to reduce any imbalances that may be contributing to the condition. Following a thorough assessment at one of the three London Osteopathy clinics, your treatment will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This may include a variety of gentle movements, stretching, massage and manipulation of the affected joints.

These techniques aim to relieve muscle tension and pain whilst working to improve joint flexibility. Work may be done on surrounding joints to take the stress and strain off the affected area, ensuring that loading of the joints through activities such as walking is as equal as possible. 

The increased blood and lymph supply to the treated area can optimise healing to the joint and surrounding tissues, following several session you may notice a reduction in pain and an overall improvement of function in your everyday activities. With the reduction in symptoms, many patients can increase general fitness through activity and lifestyle changes which can further improve health and therefore breaking the cycle of inactivity and pain avoidance. 

Your osteopath will be able to provide home exercises and positive, friendly advice in regards to posture, balance and nutrition to enable you to self manage your condition confidently and effectively. 

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