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Osteopathy for Tendon and Ligament Injuries
Osteopathy for Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Osteopathy for Tendon and Ligament Injuries London Osteopathy & Pilates

Made from fibrous bands of connective tissue, tendons and ligaments are vital to stabilize body structures and facilitate safe movement. Whilst different in function (tendons connect muscles to bones and ligaments connect bones to other bones), both are treated by an osteopath based on the same fundamental principles that they must work in complete harmony to avoid injury and support ‘normal’ body movement. Osteopathic philosophy embraces this approach to complete wellbeing through the knowledge and acceptance of the relationship between separate structures in the body.

Injuries sustained by overuse, trauma (such as falling or tripping over) twisting through awkward positioning or weakness in the surrounding muscles can lead to symptoms of mild to intense pain. Immediately following injury there may be bruising, tenderness and swelling to the injury site, this may take several weeks to return to normal. 

Tendons and ligaments are notoriously difficult to treat. It is important to seek assistance and help from a professional as soon as an injury occurs to prevent any further damage to the area. The London Osteopath clinic can offer advice and treatment tailored to your stage of recovery. Treatment for such injuries will depend on factors such as how severe the injury is and the part of your body that is affected. Following assessment, your osteopath may offer advice on rest, cold and heat treatments, elevation treatment and compressions to alleviate the initial symptoms. If your recovery is further down the line, a comprehensive rehabilitation program will be put together. This may include a combination of the following treatments:

  • Pilates, these classes have been shown to realign structures in the body, stretching and strengthening tissues and muscles to manage and prevent body imbalances. This is a great exercise for total beginners and the more advanced fitness fans, to participate in alongside recovery of tendon and ligament injuries.
  • Sports massage is a very effective way to improve blood flow to speed up the recovery of injured tendons and ligaments. Sports massages offered by the London Osteopathy clinic can focus on increasing blood flow and reducing swelling in the affected area, which could lead to a speedier recovery period.
  • Acupuncture is considered to be a complementary treatment in which small needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate sensory nerves. According to the NHS website, this results in the body producing pain-relieving endorphins leading to a reduction in pain levels. The stimulation in the area can lead to increased blood flow and oxygen supply to the damaged tissue which is crucial to optimise healing.

  • A combination of passive and active stretches, joint manipulation and strengthening exercises to address any underlying causes leading to the injury. 

Osteopathy Treatment for Headaches

Osteopathy is based on the fundamental principles that your holistic wellbeing is linked to the bones, ligaments, muscles and joints. Depending on the cause of your headaches your osteopath may also be able to offer you a course of treatments to relieve tensions and tightness through the body that may be contributing to your headaches. Reducing trigger points, mobilising stiff neck or spinal joints. Sports massage may also be able to offer an effective way to manage some types of headaches. Following a full and thorough professional assessment at one of the London Osteopathy clinics, your personal clinician will be able to best advise you on a suitable course of treatment. 

For maximal impact, a combination of acupuncture, osteopathy sessions and sports massage may effectively reduce the severity and occurrence of headaches. As with all osteopathy treatment, your clinician will offer friendly advice on postural, lifestyle and exercise changes that can lead to a better quality of life. 

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