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We take all Coronavirus Measures In Osteopath.

Our team is wearing protective masks and gloves for providing the best treatments. We use multiple Air-purifying devices for cleaning the environment in a safe way. Our staff expects our clients to keep safety measures to avoid Covid19.

When you or your family members have any symptoms regarding the Covid19, then take appropriate measures for the treatment. Please wait until you get fully recovered and then visit our team. Please wear a mask while visiting our staff.

Our team is offering the unique Virtual assistant session for consultation. You would definitely get the best remote assessment as well as Pilates rehabilitation program from the experts.

David Canevaro Bsc (Hons) Osteopathy:

David is the highly skilled and trained registered therapist having 25 years of experience in the transformation and healing. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. David is also well trained in providing the Pilate, and He was also the best Pilate instructor in the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute and Polestar Pilates. David calls his treatment as the “osteopilates” which is the fusion of both the Osteopathy and Pilates.

David is the leading Osteopath Monument to provide the best treatment for various conditions such as fatigue, stress, postural dysfunctions, and many others. Osteopathy is normally the condition for treating the patient with physical pain and stress. David offers osteopathy treatment plans with the best physiotherapy plans, which would mainly ensure to enable the highest accessible care.

Our treatments are mainly tailor-made sessions utilizing the structural as well as functional osteopathic techniques. Operating from Monday to Friday, Osteopathy Monument is the leading option for you to relieve your stress. David and his team mainly aim to treat the cause for the pain. The team is an expert in soft tissue manipulation sports therapists.

How It Works?

Upon your consultation with our professionals, you would be completely diagnosed medically. Therefore, appropriate osteopathy treatment would be prescribed. Now you have a better option to book your consultation with top Osteopathy Monument – David Canevaro.

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