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Pilates Central London: Professional Osteopilates at London Osteopathy Clinic

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Aiming to strengthen the entire body, Pilates has something to offer to people of all ages. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle strength, or improve athletic performance, our Pilates classes can help. This versatile type of physical activity is perfect for beginners, people with certain medical conditions, and elite athletes alike.

At London Osteopathy Clinic, we use Pilates to help people regain lost mobility, lose weight, and even stay fit during pregnancy. Bespoke training plans and personalised workouts have gained us the title of best Pilates class in Central London.

Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Inspired by calisthenics, yoga, and ballet, Pilates was introduced in 1920 to help injured dancers and athletes return to exercise and maintain their fitness. The curative properties of this physical activity were proved beneficial for other purposes, too.

Today, a particular form of Pilates called osteopilates combines the benefits of osteopathy with mild physical activity to provide pain relief to people with non-specific lower back pain.

This type of pain is often caused by bad posture at work or whilst driving, as well as ageing. However, for Pilates to be effective, exercises have to be tailored to the individual. 

At London Osteopathy Clinic, our qualified health professionals know how to identify the cause of pain and create a training plan that includes only those exercises that can help you ward off pain and improve your wellbeing in the long-term – something that Pilates teachers who are not medically qualified cannot do.

Antenatal Pilates

Are you looking for antenatal Pilates in Central London? Joining a gym might not be in your best interest, even if you get to work with a personal trainer. Exercising during pregnancy is crucial, but only a medical expert should draw out your workout plan.

At London Osteopathy Clinic, our Pilates trainers have extensive experience in tailoring individual antenatal Pilates plans that consider your unique circumstances. With apparatus classes taught on a 1-to-1 basis, you can rest assured our full attention will be focused on you. 

Pilates for Improved Mental Health

Pilates is more than a low-impact activity that can keep you fit. Studies have demonstrated that regular Pilates training can reduce depressive and anxiety symptoms and fatigue whilst boosting your energy and raising serotonin levels.

Whether you feel depressed due to chronic pain or have to deal with excessive stress at work, our Pilates classes can help.

Our professional Pilates instructors can develop a training plan tailored to your needs. This type of activity can improve circulation through adequate exercise and proper breathing techniques, stimulate your spine and muscles, and flood your body with positive energy.

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