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Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy
Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy

Benefits of Regular Pilates Classes During Pregnancy

Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy London Osteopathy & Pilates

Pilates isn’t just a great way to tone your body, it helps you stay in shape and feel good! Pilates is also very beneficial for women during pregnancy by reducing lower back pain and muscle pain.

Why is pilates good for pregnant women

A lot of pregnant women find that pilates is one of the best exercises whilst pregnant and after giving birth, since it does not involve any hard weight lifting or sudden jerks etc. Most women find that by toning abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles, they get through pregnancy and delivery much more comfortably.

Benefits of Pilates after giving birth

Because pilates works a wide range of muscles and helps to develop core strength a pilates class can help you get your figure back in no time.

Consult your GP first about Pilates and Pregnancy!

First, check with your doctor or midwife. If you have never done Pilates before, it will be important for you to find a pre-natal Pilates class, or an instructor who can give you a lot of one on one attention. It is not recommended that you begin doing Pilates on your own if you haven’t already worked with the fundamentals, since you may easily do it wrong and pull a muscle.

Can I attend any pilates classes?

If you want to attend a pilates class whilst you are pregnant, you should always try to find a pilates instructor/class that is tailored to pregnant women, and is very convenient to visit. Obviously, being located at a near distance helps!

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