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Sports Massage Devonshire Row
Sports Massage Devonshire Row

Sports Massage Devonshire Row: Bespoke Treatments and Therapy for Athletes

Sports Massage Devonshire Row

Whether you’re a professional athlete in need of quick pain relief or a sports enthusiast who has suffered an injury, at London Osteopathy Clinic, we can help. Our trained sports massage specialists in Devonshire Row can help you treat or prevent sports injuries, reduce muscle tension and pain.

Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Therapy

Many people believe that sports massages and deep tissue therapy mean the same thing. However, a sports massage’s focus is different from a deep tissue massage, even though some techniques are similar.

Deep tissue therapy is often administered as a full-body massage. It is an excellent option if you have muscle knots or general pain that you wish to ease. For example, if you work at a desk all day and suffer from a stiff neck or low back pain due to bad posture, a deep tissue massage is an excellent treatment.

A sports massage concentrates on healing or preventing activity-caused injuries. This type of therapy is targeted to a specific area of your body. For example, if you are a runner, your sports massage therapist will concentrate on your leg muscles and knee and ankle joints. A weight lifter will get a massage that focuses on the upper back and arms.

If you are not a professional athlete but a sports enthusiast and don’t know what caused your pain or discomfort, get in touch.

Our sports massage therapists at the Devonshire Row London Osteopathy Clinic can identify the best therapeutic course for you and create a bespoke deep tissue or sports massage plan.

Can Sports Massage Improve Performance?

Are you an aspiring athlete but intensive training has got the best of you? Painkillers may provide immediate relief, but they can do more harm than good in the long run. By reducing pain, they falsely lead you to believe that you can push your body further.

This method will do nothing but cause further inflammation and muscle or joint injury. On the other hand, targeted sports massage can help you prevent injuries and speed up recovery whilst also reducing pain. That’s why a professional sports massage can help you overcome your limits, improve performance, and ultimately achieve your athletic goals.

Professional Sports Massage on Devonshire Row

At our Devonshire Row sports massage facility, we perform assessments and carry out world-class treatment techniques tailored to each patient’s needs. We are well-versed in sports massage and deep tissue therapy and work with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Want to find out more about us or how we can help? Get in touch! Our friendly team will answer all your queries and help you book an appointment.

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