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What to Expect When You First Visit
What to Expect When You First Visit

What to Expect When You First Visit David Canevaro in Central London Osteopathy Clinic

Basic Pilates Workout
Regular Pilates Session
Extensive Pilates Workout

You will be introduced to David Canevaro and the specialist who will be treating you. You will be asked if you are the person seeking help and if you could briefly explain the problem.

The osteopathic approach is to treat the body as a whole and not just parts of it, so the more we know about your general health, any recent illnesses, surgical operations or accidents and any emotional stresses, can make it easier to treat the problem thoroughly and effectively.

During this initial discussion, which will take about ten minutes, or at any time during your treatment, ask as many questions as you wish. In fact, we encourage all our clients to continually ask questions when they are with us because in this way it builds a strong bond between osteopath and patient.

It is quite understandable that patients visiting us for the first time may feel apprehensive. If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable, concerned, or think that your child is anxious, please tell us so that we can discuss your apprehensions further, maybe explain matters in more detail, and put your mind at rest.

The osteopath will give you a standing examination and then may make a further investigation when you are lying down; this is to carry out a number of orthopaedic tests such as reflexes. If your problem is in your back, hips, legs or feet, you will be asked to undress to your underwear so your practitioner can assess your spine and posture. You will be asked to do some movements so that any limitation or pain can be noted and your practitioner can make a more accurate diagnosis. If you feel the slightest bit embarrassed about undressing, please discuss it with your osteopath.

Examining your whole body from head to toe, can help us to diagnose what may be the root cause of your problem. For example, your shoulder pain may be caused by a slightly twisted pelvis, and that could be the result of different leg length.

Men―comfortable underwear or loose boxer shorts.
Ladies―a back-fastening bra and underwear. If you have acute pain in the neck or back please wear clothes and footwear that can be easily removed, e.g. a shirt or cardigan if you have a neck or shoulder problem, slip-on shoes if you have a back problem.
Children―we like to see a baby or child’s whole body. Baby undressed down to their nappy with a brief check with nappy off for their hip mobility. Children undressed down to their underwear so we can see their whole back, and examine their gait. Teenagers may wish to wear shorts and girls may also prefer to wear a crop top.

After a thorough examination, your osteopath will explain the diagnosis and describe what treatment is felt is necessary to alleviate your pain and treat the symptoms. Sometimes your osteopath may not be able to offer you any assistance and will refer you back to your GP for further investigation.

The treatment may consist of a range of techniques including deep soft tissue massage, articulation, stretching of the joints and gentle manipulation. If at any time you do not understand anything or find any of the techniques uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to inform your osteopath.

After your treatment for musculoskeletal pain, until your body has recovered and settled down, do not lift or carry heavy objects. Your muscles have been relaxed and joints stretched during the treatment, and you must not overstrain yourself during this time because it could aggravate your problem. So, housework and shopping should be left to someone else for 24 to 48 hours. During this period you may feel tired, want to rest or experience temporary minor discomfort of your symptoms. This is part of your body’s response to the treatment; make sure you drink plenty of water. The full benefit of the treatment will not be felt for two or three days. If you are at all concerned please phone your osteopath.

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