David Canevaro

Client Testimonials And Client Reviews for London Osteopathy And Pilates

Richard (Director): I had a very painful lower back. I had tried several different techniques (even hypnotherapy!) and nothing did much good. But David offered me something completely different! I’m having both Osteopathy and Pilates treatment that are really making a difference to my lower back pain. Thanks David, can’t recommend you highly enough!

Lisa (works in PR): I first decided to see David after losing some of my hair through excessive stress – wow am I glad I saw him when I did! Not only has he helped me improve my overall lifestyle, my hair has begun to grow back. The treatments are very calming and I look forward to my sessions every week.

Anna (Retired Nurse): I’ve had headaches and migraines for a large proportion of my life, often battling through and trying to ignore them. In hindsight, I should have visited David a lot earlier. The treatments are extremely calming and have helped me control my headaches and migraines and have them much less often. Thank you very much David. Anna.

Shaun (Engineer): Six years ago I realised that the arthritis in my hands was getting worse. I tried several DIY techniques and treatments that didn’t help at all, so decided to give David a visit. David has helped me in so many ways, alleviating the pain from my hands and also the pain I began feeling in my shoulders. I recommend him to anyone who wants some pain relief whether it’s an old football injury or just a natural occurrence.

Tom: (Journalist): I have quite a hectic lifestyle, travelling around the world to see different people etc. so when I began having neck and shoulder pain it was a real problem on planes, trains, buses etc. David has helped me get over this problem and I continue to see him on a weekly basis . Highly recommended to anyone with similar problems.

Paul (Rugby Player): As you are probably aware I have a lot of running and fitness work to do on a daily basis. The pressure on my knees is incredible, especially as I train a lot on hard ground. When I started to feel a large amount of joint pain the doctor recommended I see David and boy am I glad I did! The work David has done to my knees and ankles has been nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to David I can keep playing for at least another 5 years!