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Shortlands Osteopathy and Pilates Clinic
51, Beckenham Lane
Phone: 0203 633 6132

Clinic Treatments Provided:

  • Accupuncture – 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.
  • Gait Analysis – 1 hour session.
  • Osteopathy – 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.
  • Sports Massage – 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.
  • Pilates – 30 minute and 1 hour sessions avaialble.
  • Biomechanical Assessment – 1 hour session.

Shortlands, nestled in the London Borough of Bromley, offers a charming blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience.

This quaint residential area is characterised by leafy streets, well-manicured gardens, and an inviting community atmosphere. Situated just south of Bromley town center, Shortlands boasts a prime location with easy access to both city amenities and green spaces.

Shortlands benefits from its proximity to Bromley town center, where residents can enjoy a wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. From high street retailers to independent boutiques and bustling markets, there’s something to cater to every taste and preference.

Additionally, the area is well-served by public transport, with Shortlands Railway Station providing convenient links to central London and beyond.

David Canevaro stands out as a distinguished osteopath renowned for his empathetic approach and clinical proficiency.

With a career spanning years in holistic healthcare, he has become synonymous with patient-centered care, prioritising individual treatment plans tailored to each client’s unique needs.

David’s expertise extends beyond traditional osteopathic techniques; he integrates modern modalities and evidence-based practices to ensure comprehensive and effective care for his patients.



To get from Shortlands Railway Station to 51 Beckenham Lane, BR2 0DA, you have a couple of options:

    1. Walking: The distance between Shortlands Railway Station and 51 Beckenham Lane is approximately 0.7 miles, which is about a 15-minute walk. Exit the station and head southeast on Shortlands Road toward Shortlands Grove. Continue straight onto Beckenham Lane, and you’ll reach your destination on the right.
    2. Bus: You can also take a bus from Shortlands Railway Station to Beckenham Lane. Check the bus schedules and routes at the station or through a transportation app. Look for buses heading in the direction of Beckenham or Bromley, as they are likely to pass by or near Beckenham Lane. Once you’re on the bus, you can get off at the nearest stop to 51 Beckenham Lane and then walk the remaining distance.
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